SS02: The Special Used Unamnned Ground Vehicle in China
( CFP)

Session Code: dk5wn


  • Jibin HU
    Affiliation: Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

  • Jun NI
    Affiliation: Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

  • Hui ZHANG
    Affiliation: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada

Scope and Goals

In recent years, the development of the special used UGVs is attracting increasing research focus from all over the world, such as the logistics UGV, military used UGV, or autonomous racecar. It has been widely accepted that the emergence and application of the special used UGVs is going to greatly change our lives in the future.

For example, the logistics UGV are supposed to be used in the closed environment, such as the campus or village, to significantly improve the efficiency of the logistics. In military field, it has been widely accepted that the emergence of the military UGV will greatly change the form of the combat in the future. Therefore, the research of the military UGV has been greatly focused by many research institutes and universities all over the world. In addition, the autonomous racecar competition is also rapid emerging in recent years. The autonomous racecar requires high speed. Therefore, it requires more advanced environment perception and vehicle dynamics control techniques.

To this end, a special session of the special used UGV will be very interesting, since the special used UGV requires very different environment perception, path planning, and dynamics control techniques compared to the conventional intelligent passenger car. This session aims at showing the latest research and development of special used UGV.

Topics of Interest

  • Environment Perception and Path Planning in Field Environments for Military UGV
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control for X-by-wire Special-used UGV
  • Development of New-configured Military UGV or Heavy-class Mobile Robot
  • Development of High-speed Autonomous Racecar
  • Dynamics Control of Limit Driving for Autonomous Racecar
  • Other Achievements for Special-used UGV.