WS08: 2018 IEEE/IFAC Conference on Blockchain and Knowledge Automation

Workshop Code: 5up3q



  • Fei-Yue Wang
    Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

  • Yong Yuan
    Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Jason Jun Zhang
    Affiliation: University of Denver, USA

  • Kimon Valavanis
    Affiliation: University of Denver, USA

  • Philip Chen
    Affiliation: The University of Macau, China

Scope and Goals

Blockchain, as an emerging decentralized architecture and distributed computing paradigm underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has recently attracted intensive attention in both academic studies and industrial development. Blockchain, together with blockchain-powered smart contracts, have the potential of reshaping traditional knowledge automation workflows including modeling, validation, integration and implementation.

This conference aims to provide an international forum that brings together world-renowned researchers, engineers and investors, to report their up-to-the-minute innovation and developments on blockchain and smart contracts. This conference also will serve as a platform of communication and cooperation for experts in the areas of Blockchain, Smart Contract and Knowledge Automation.

Topics of Interest

  • Fundamental Theories and Approaches of Blockchain
  • Distributed Consensus Algorithms
  • Theories and Applications of Smart Contracts
  • Integration of Blockchain and Internet of Things
  • New Business Models of Blockchain Industries
  • Big Data and Trusted Computing
  • Social Computing and Social Intelligence
  • Theories and Approaches of Knowledge Automation
  • Intelligent Information Processing and Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge-based Intelligent Management and Control