WS01: Elemental Technologies for Automated Driving with Realistic Onboard Sensors: from Software to Hardware in the Real World and the Cyber World ( CFP )

WS02: 7th Workshop on Human Factors in Intelligent Vehicles ( Website, CFP )

WS03: Parallel Vision in Intelligent Vehicles ( CFP )

WS04: IV Test Technologies ( CFP )

WS05: Intelligent Vehicles for Education ( CFP )

WS06: Decision-Making and Control on Driver- Automation Interaction ( CFP )

WS07: Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation (ATSS 2018) ( CFP )

WS08: 2018 IEEE/IFAC Conference on Blockchain and Knowledge Automation

WS09: Security and Privacy Protection for Internet of Vehicles

WS10: Scene Understanding for Automated Driving Systems ( CFP )

WS11: Connected and Automated Vehicle-based Cooperative Traffic Operation for Urban Driving ( CFP )

WS13: The 5th Workshop on Naturalistic Driving Data Analytics

WS14: Intelligent Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles ( CFP )

WS15: Multi-Sensor Fusion and Extended Object Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles

WS16: Intelligent Driving for Autonomous Driving Vehicles

WS17: Connected and Automated Vehicles ( CFP )

WS18: Human- Machine Interface in Intelligent Vehicles ( CFP )

WS19: Cooperative Perception among Multiple Intelligent Vehicles

WS20: Parallel Planning for Autonomous Driving

WS21: Driver Vigilance Estimation for Vehicle Active Safety

WS22: Opportunities to Leverage Existing On-Board Sensors for Connected Vehicle Educational Classes and University Research

WS23: CPS-Based Modeling and Optimization Control of Renewable Energy Vehicles ( CFP )

WS24: Communication for Connected and Cooperative Driving ( CFP )